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Best Flour Hairdryer Prank

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Best Flour Hairdryer Prank

This one from Chana Devorah Schwartz- Thanks Chana!

“Hi Diana, I saw you wanted us to post hair raising (or losing) stories here? My brother was way ahead of his time as a innovative hair designer, but I was not a willing guinea pig! He was 5, I was 3, and he got inspiration to give me a hair cut, & I don’t know why I just sat there & let him. My hair had been past shoulder length, and he brilliantly cut one side (one side only mind you) straight up past my ear. I was left hanging like that (that style is in already for years, he started it). My luck was my mom & aunt weren’t gonna let me go out like that, so I was promptly sat down again & my aunt cut the other side above my ear to match, thank you dear auntie, it did make sense, must admit. I was one pissed off 3 year old tho. Sorry it wasn’t more colorful than that, tho once he dumped a whole plastic bottle of talcum powder on both our heads, we were white as snow & looked like George & Martha Washington. Luckily he took up another career (he is a great brother really!)”

Chana, that baby powder story made me laugh and reminded me of this video I’ve posted here- watch it and have a laugh!

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