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Winners of the Hair Horror Story Contest

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Winners of the Hair Horror Story Contest

Congrats to our Hair Horror Story winners! 1st place and a $100 Sephora gift certificate goes to Madelyn Tannenbaum Waggoner. Our runners up are Daura Hamilton, and songwriter Chana Devorah Schwartz. The runners up will receive a $25 gift certificate. Thank you for participating and sharing your stories!!

Here is our winning story-
How about this one… My hairdresser was so proud that he just gave up cocaine, (he was a huge addict but I never knew!) He was telling me his story, going on and on for a really long time. While talking, he leaves my hair (being highlighted) in the foils way too long.  Each piece of hair in each foil got bleached so much they when he took off the foils they all came off in his hands. OMG!”

I really felt badly for you after reading this Madelyn. Hair dye can be changed and hair styles can be changed, but hair breaking off and falling out- OUCH! The funny part of the story is that your hairdresser acted and rambled on and on and on as if he was actually on drugs. Hmmm makes you wonder doesn’t it? Enjoy your shopping spree!



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